Words of Wisdom

Blessed Luigi Guanella said...
The Lord will contract the debts of the houses when prudence is there.


Novena to Blessed Luigi Guanella (Version 1)

To be prayed for nine days.

In the name of the Father, + and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

THE Lord is just and loves justice.
--The Saints will see his face.

Reading (Rom 8:28-30)
WE KNOW that God makes all things work together
for the good of those that love him,
who have been called according to his decree.
Those whom he foreknew he predestined to share
the image of his Son,
that the Son might be the first-born of many brothers.
Those he predestined he likewise called;
those he called he also justified;
and those he justified he in turn glorified.

The just will rejoice in the presence of the Lord.
--They will exult and be glad.

FATHER, you made all things holy.
While we meditate of the lives of your Saints and Blessed Souls
we pray to grow close to you as we recall your words:
R/. Be holy for I am holy.

Holy Father, you called us to be your children and so we are;
--grant that your people throughout the world may proclaim you as their Father. R/.
Holy Father, you willed that we should live to please you in all we do;
--grant us the strength to lead good lives. R/.
Holy Father, you made us one with you through Christ;
--teach us to be your children so that we may be one with each other. R/.
Holy Father, you invited us to the banquet of your kingdom;
--help us to grow in love as we receive the bread that comes from heaven. R/.
Holy Father, forgive the sins of all your people;
--and bring those who have died into your presence. R/.

Prayer to Blessed Luigi Guanella
O Blessed Luigi Guanella, apostle of charity, who spread the treasures of your heart to the poor and suffering, whom you dearly loved, in a world filled with hatred and selfishness, obtain for us from Divine Providence an ever increasing love of God and our neighbor. Obtain for us also the favor we are now asking for state your favor here and the grace of final perseverance. Amen.

Concluding Prayer
LORD God, you alone are holy
and no one is good without you.
Through the intercession of Blessed Luigi Guanella
help us to live in such a way
that we not be deprived of a share in your glory.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

In the name of the Father, + and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Taken from the book New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book published by the Catholic Book Publishing Company.
Copyright 1980 by Catholic Book Publishing Company, New York, United Sates of America.
General Editor: Rev. Francis Evans
Nihil Obstat: Daniel V. Flynn, J.C.D. Censor Librorum
Imprimatur: Joseph T. O'Keefe Vicar General, Archdiocese of New York
Biblical Text taken from The New American Bible copyright 1970 by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Washington D.C. All rights reserved.

Novena to Blessed Aloysius Guanella (Version 2)

To be prayed for nine days.

This Novena consists in saying the following Prayer (which the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence pray for the canonization of Blessed Guanella, their Founder), followed by an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be to the Father for nine consecutive days.

O Blessed Aloysius Guanella, Apostle of Charity, who in a world pervaded by hatred and selfishness, has diffused the treasures of your heart, helping the poor and suffering so dear to you, obtain for us from the bounty of the Lord an ever increasing love of God and neighbor.

Implore for us also, the grace we desire and the gift of final perseverance. Amen.

The Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence beg whoever obtains graces through the intercession of Blessed Aloysius (Luigi) Guanella to send information to: St. Mary of Providence,4200 N. Austin Avenue, Chicago, IL 60634, or to Casa Divine Provvidenza, Via T. Grossi 18, Como, Italy.
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