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Blessed Luigi Guanella said...
A community of adorers becomes a family of love.



Thank-you to Don Guanella Seminary.

  • Don Guanella Seminary
    1795 South Sproul Road
    Springfield, PA 19064
  • servantsofcharity@email.msn.com
  • http://www.servantsofcharity.org

    Thank-you Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

  • EWTN
  • The Canonization of Saints by Msgr. P.E. Hallet
  • Catholic Quick Questions on Canonization - This Rock Magazine
  • A Zenit Daily Dispatch - Reform of Canonization Causes
  • History of Beatification - EWTN's Catholic Q&A

    Thank-you Daughters of St. Mary of Providence.

  • Daughters of St. Mary of Providence
  • The Story of the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence
  • Figlie di Santa Maria della Provvidenza (Daughters of St. Mary of Providence, In Italian Only)

    Saint Louis Center - St. Louis Center was established in 1960 to further a mission articulated by Fr. Louis Guanella in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Thank-you also for the picture of Blessed Guanella.

  • Saint Louis Center Homepage
  • The Guanellian Mission

    Thank-you Pious Union for the pictures of Bl. Guanella.

  • Pious Union

    The New Advent Online Edition of the Old Catholic Encyclopedia.

  • Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Article on Beatification and Canonization

  • St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church - Thank-you for awarding LuigiGuanella.com many times!

  • Holy Family School in Nazareth, Israel

  • Making of a Saint - A Closer Look at How the Church Makes Saints from The Knights of Columbus

  • The Love of God the Father Shines Through - The Saint Louis Center.

  • Nuns Devote Neraly a Half-century of Service - Our Lady of Providence Center.

  • Den salige Aloisius Guanella (In Norwegian Only)

  • Guanellianie (In Polish Only)

  • THE DECLARATION OF SAINTHOOD - The Catholic Church's Acknowledgment of Extraordinary Holiness by Fr. Daniel Maher
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