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Blessed Luigi Guanella said...
There is need of living well, but there is even more need of dying well. A good death is everything, especially today where people think only of things and enjoyment here on earth, rejecting eternity.


The Death of Fr. Louis Guanella

by Leonardo Mazzucchi, S.C.

Luigi Guanella - December 19, 1842 - October 24, 1915 Father Louis was calm, tranquil, trusting in the Goodness and Providence of God. His limbs were tormented with inexpressive torture. His tender fatherly heart was in very great pain... At times his bodily torment, caused by his condition creeping in his veins, poisoning his blood and affecting his brain, overcame his will and caused attitudes and expressions which were painful to the spirit of his (priest) sons and much more to his own spirit. However, he offered all his pains and humiliations to the Lord, causing many heavenly graces to be showered upon us!

"I think that the Providence of God sent me this disease to shower extraordinary graces on the House: extraordinary suffering brings extraordinary graces ... How the Lord and I understand each other regarding the Institute and you. I never stop uttering loving burning words to God!

...Sometimes I think of my recovery as a purgatory for me and you... But I think also that my disease is a terminal one which will take me to Paradise... God will take care of you. No one is indispensable here below. Providence will provide for you! ... Death! ... Paradise! ... I am in manu Domini (in the hands of the Lord)."

He asked for prayers for a good holy death. And he kept repeating, "Paradise!, Paradise!" He then was told: "Do you not love your House, your poor, your Sisters? Do you not want to spend some more of your labor and suffering among us?" He answered, "Surely I love you. Certainly I pray for you, how much I pray for you! Surely I do not refuse to suffer for you! I even offer my life in sacrifice for you. You will do good without me. I will not abandon you. I will pray for you in Heaven. I will assist you and comfort you from Heaven!" But we expressed our fervent desire for his recovery. He shook his head with great sadness, that sadness of realizing that his message was not being understood, and resumed his absorption in deep prayer and union with God. One could sense that Father Louis was in continuous dialogue with the Lord, that he clearly saw the Lord's designs and saw that his mission here below was completed.

We were touched to the point of suffering when we saw him humbling himself by begging pardon for all the bad examples he may have unconsciously given us in the moments of mental lapses caused by his illness.
                                 -Leonardo Mazzucchi, S.C., 1920

Fr. Louis prayed this great and final earthly prayer for an excruciating month until his death October 24, 1915 at 2:15 in the afternoon. He now prays a constant heavenly prayer for us all.

(Credit: Mazzucchi, Leonardo. "The Death of Fr. Louis Guanella." Now and at the Hour Oct. 2001: 33.)


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