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Blessed Luigi Guanella said...
Stay with God's poor - and our work will never die.


Blessed Luigi Guanella in The Saint

The Saint with Val Kilmer

In the 1997 movie The Saint, Blessed Luigi is mentioned as one of the false Saint identities used by the main character Simon, played by Val Kilmer.  

The plot summary of the movie from The Internet Movie Databases, Inc :
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As a young orphan, a boy refuses to accept the name given him by priests and instead chooses to take on the name of Simon Templar after the Saint of magic. Speed ahead and the young boy is now a master thief in bidding wars with countries for his services. Using his skills of master disguise, he eludes all pursuers as he assumes names associated with the various Saints. In this role after stealing from a Russian industrialist, the industrialist hires The Saint to steal a formula for cold fusion being developed by a young female scientist. Cold fusion is said to permit a nation to heat its citizens with only a few gallons of water. However, on this case The Saint falls in love with the scientist placing him in a quandary of fulfilling his professional obligations or staying with the innocent young scientist. When she becomes threatened by the Russian Mafia, he has no choice but to go ahead with his job. However, she follows him to Moscow, setting off a chase across the City and through their sewers.

U.S. Catholic Bishops' Movie Review:
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The updated title character of the Leslie Charteris mysteries of the 1930s is a sly thief (Val Kilmer) who assumes numerous identities in trying to save one of his intended victims (Elizabeth Shue) from a power-mad Russian seeking her revolutionary energy formula. Directed by Philip Noyce, the action story is slickly produced and provides undemanding escapist entertainment, although the one-dimensional characters are less than engaging. Some stylized violence, implied affairs and an instance of profanity.

(USCCB Rated A-III, Adults)
(MPAA Rated PG-13, Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some material maybe inappropriate for children under 13. )

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